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We believe that when you know what the problem is, it's pretty easy to solve it.

Because you know where to start.

But sometimes, even then, what we're facing feels so complicated, we still don't know where to begin.
At the L M Thomas Group, we help business leaders pinpoint the key problems they face and get started on the solutions.

Everyone has something in their business that is holding them captive.

* Organizational Firefighting

* Financial Anxiety

* Complex Decisions

These things make us hostages to our own businesses - eating up our time, our money, our mental space, our vision, and our satisfaction.

But what if it didn't have to be that way?

At the L M Thomas Group, we provide the process, the methods, and the perspective to help you break free.

We enter into the organizational firefighting, the financial anxiety, and complex decisions with you and help you resolve them.

Our team has been where you are - we've lived it, we've seen it.

--- We've led and worked in organizations where we put out one fire after another.

--- We've held positions where we were crippled by financial anxiety.

--- We've spent long stretches of time staring at complex situations and not knowing where to start.

But we've broken free, and we're moving forward.

We've broken free, and so can you. We'll help you.

We'll go through it with you to get you out of it.

Want to get started?

Visit our website at, call us at 217.552.1207, or e-mail us at

We look forward to working with you!


  • Individual Leadership Coaching
  • Organizational Problem-Solving
  • Custom Consulting Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Assessments, Surveys, and Data Analysis


Matt Thomas, President, L M Thomas Group

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Matt Thomas
  • Phone: (217) 552-1207